The Impact of Social Media on Boxing and MMA: Connecting with the New Generation


The impact of Social Media on Boxing and MMA is spectacular in today's society. Sports fans are leaving their costly cables and satellite services and have started using their Mobile phones and Laptops to stream the matches online.

Many athletes share their daily lives and behind-the-scenes of their matches and training with the world. For athletes who are often considered unbeatable and unattainable in their performance, social media makes them more relatable to fans. Sharing their stories also helps athletes build their brands.

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This article explores the profound impact of social media on Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and how it has reshaped the landscape and provided opportunities and platforms to reach a broader audience.

 Impact of Social Media on Boxing and MMA

Let's see how social media benefits Boxing and MMA and where you can watch it.

1. Instant accessibility and global reach

These combat sports opponents, promoters, and organizers are now given an immediate means of communication with fans worldwide because of social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

These professional athletes can also broadcast their everyday activities, behind-the-scenes footage, and training sessions. This enables interaction between athletes and the people who support them.

As a result, spectators feel an enhanced sense of involvement and connection to the sports they weren't familiar with. 

2. Promoting and building personal brands

Social media gives these fighters a grand platform to build their brand and express their unique charm and personalities. This allows them to gain a massive stream of loyal fans. 

Especially through their engaging content, they can showcase their personal lives, training routines, or their good deeds, like charity. It helps in creating a fascinating image that resonates with their fans.

This self-promotion has proven to be extremely effective in attracting new audiences and creating a strong personal brand that extends their career beyond fighting.

3. Creating hype and generating buzz

One of the most significant impacts of social media on Boxing and MMA is its ability to generate hype and create buzz for upcoming fights.

The fighters and promoters can use platforms like Instagram and Twitter to engage in verbal jabs and playful banter, which also increases the anticipation in fans.

The organizers and fighters promote the upcoming fights on their social media accounts. Sometimes they playfully create rivalries between fans to intrigue and generate excitement for the match. 

4. Engaging with new generations

Younger audiences are becoming more and more interested in combat sports, in large part as a result of the influence of social media. 

Real-time updates, engaging interactions, and sincere ties with their beloved fighters are what the next generation of fans desires. Social media platforms have helped make this possible. Giving supporters a forum to interact, voice their thoughts, and virtually participate in live events.

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 The fan experiences have changed due to this level of involvement, and combat sports now have a more diverse population.

5. Influencer collaboration and cross-promotion

Fighters can interact with influencers and celebrities from various professions via social media. It helps in expanding their marketability beyond the standard combat sports audience.

Through such collaborations, fighters can reach new audiences and promote their sport. Conversely, by associating themselves with the honesty and dedication of combat sports athletes, influencers and celebrities acquire credibility and importance. 

Through cross-promotional activities, boxing and MMA have attracted new audiences and supporters who might not have been previously interested in combat sports.

6. Breaking down the geographical barriers

Sports like boxing and MMA have traditionally drawn participants and spectators from throughout the entire world. By doing so on social media, athletes and organizations could instantly reach an audience worldwide while transcending geographic constraints.

 Consequently, the fighters' status has grown globally, and the sport's attraction has increased beyond the boundaries of their native nations.

7. Highlighting training methods and skills

Fans can now get an inkling of the fighters' abilities, athleticism, and training methodologies. Via the increasing number of short videos and highlight reels across social media platforms, it's all possible now! 

These captivating clips frequently become viral, capturing the interest of ordinary viewers and avid supporters of combat sports. Fighters may appeal to a larger audience and promote interest in the sport by presenting the most amazing moments.

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What percentage of people watch boxing?

A study was done in May of 2021 in the USA, in which  20% of the men who participated said they were big fans of men's boxing. However, about 50% of the male participants also said they were not interested in sports.

Which fighting sport is most prevalent? 

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Boxing are the most prevalent combat sports. No other combat sports come close to these.

What sport is more significant, boxing or MMA?

True fans of combat sports tend to follow all of them since each combat sport is spectacular. Usually, boxing is the most well-liked sport as it needs more technique. And it is also older than MMA.

Which sport is better, MMA or boxing?

Most people believe that MMA is better because MMA fighters are skilled in various techniques (standing or ground styles). At the same time, boxers can only use their hands. They are better in a bout without rules. 

Which sport is harder to master, MMA or boxing?

Compared to Boxing, MMA needs more talent. But Boxing requires years and years of experience and continuous practice for every move. Hence its believed that Boxing is harder to master compared to MMA.


Fighters, promoters, organizers, and spectators are now more closely knit than ever because of the impact of social media on Boxing and MMA. It has become a vital component of boxing and MMA in our world.

Instant accessibility, self-promotion facilitation, hype generation, barrier-breaking, interaction with the following generation, and influencer collaborations have all been made accessible by it. 

The promotion of bouts, the experience of fans, and the general public's view of combat sports have all shifted due to social media.

Social media will likely play an increasingly important role in determining the future direction of boxing and MMA as technology develops. It will link combat sports with the next generation and beyond.